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April 19 2020


March 17 2020

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Seems to me like a combination of Brendon Urie in I Write Sins Not Tragedies and Hugh Jackman's PT Barnum in The Greatest Showman
(source: nonsensebybiyan)
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March 16 2020

Concluding that P!ATD's High Hopes has the Slytherinest-sounding lyrics

June 13 2018

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Earlier this year I was kinda curious about how a PATD song would sound like as a DDLC soundtrack, soooo this happens.... well actually I blame the "the ink flows down into a dark puddle" part, reminding me of "the ink is running toward the page" in Northern Downpour. That gave me the idea for this mash-up cover.

This time I had to repeatedly listen to both songs WHILE in the process of making this cover, trying to get the notes right. It's still harder to control my voice & breathing though, plus I just recovered from a cold so that explains the slight phlegminess. The video accidentally got cut off in the first part, cuz halfway through drawing the iPad ran out of battery, & Procreate failed to save everything from the beginning.
Since the original Northern Downpour video is black and white, I should do a B&W drawing of the Doki Doki girls as well, but somehow part of me still wants their signature color to pop out, so I picked a very desaturated, but not completely desaturated, color palette for the timelapse drawing. And just for fun you can see the colors by tweaking the saturation on Photoshop.
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May 31 2018

Downpour Reality
This here's the one I used for the drawing timelapse for my PATDxDDLC song cover. Done last April, but since the video & song are done just now I can finally put this up here

May 06 2018

Doki Doki Pretty Odd
Sort of a teaser for my next song cover timelapse-drawing-music-video project, but this isn't the drawing used for the timelapse. This here's just the cover art.

Also i only referenced the Pretty Odd logo by memory, it ended up looking different. 
Initially I knew Monika's gonna be Brendon, I wasnt sure who the other three should be... (I mean look at the band now, it's just Brendon. Just Brendon. Just Monika.)

both logo'd & logoless versions

July 05 2015



2 years ago I discovered that if you increase the pitch of Brendon Urie, he sounds like Phineas 

July 04 2015

brendon you ignorant slut
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May 27 2015

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Tina got sick & tried to get better. I had to make a Panic! At The Disco pun cuz she said she needs to sweat all this fever. Why.

May 22 2015


Yeah I’m into Fall Out Boy. I like their older stuff, especially [looks at smudged writing on hand]

May 02 2015




I chime in with a “Haven’t you people ever heard of checking a goddamn source?”

No, it’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of smug irrationality.


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April 29 2015


April 21 2015



hallelujah | panic! at the disco

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Hallelujah - Panic! at the Disco

Fall Out Boy: we're releasing a song/video/etc. tomorrow!
Fall Out Boy: *waits until three pm to release it and keeps everyone on edge all day*

Panic! at the Disco: we're releasing a song tomorrow!
Panic! at the Disco: *releases it at like ten pm the night before*

April 11 2015

April 03 2015


spencer smith, drummer of panic! at the disco (2004-2015) [source]

February 19 2015

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all four

all of the Panic! at the Disco albums in order

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February 06 2015

February 02 2015

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