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May 25 2014

June 30 2013

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February 01 2013

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Gravity Falls - Stan's Package - Disney Promo

The other promo that aired during the Gravitational Pull Marathon involves Grunkle Stan and a package he has come to possess.

November 23 2012

Post Mireille Tampons by Longliveirony
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September 28 2012

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Yes!!! the more I see it, the more I love it! Thank you Costco Mexico!!!!!!

Lucky Mexicans…
The very reason why Loki doesn't appear in the movie poster & DVD cover...
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June 01 2012


March 09 2012

Nabisco - Oreo How to Train Your Dragon red creme cookies package - 2010
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September 24 2011

Post-sleep though 24-12-2014

A conversation heard from an orphanage

"'Scuse me, is there a Manuel here?"
"I'm sorry? No, we don't know anyone named Manuel"
"Ah I'm sorry, it's just that I've got a package to deliver and all that's written on is a childish writing that says 'Manny'. I saw one of your boys call someone Manny on the field. I assumed that he must be a Manfred or a Manuel but I guess I was wrong."
"Oh? You must be talking about Rahman. One of our boys is named Ar-Rahman and his nickname is Manny. He did say he's waiting for a certain package to arrive here"
"Ah yes. This package must be for him then. Good day, sir."

August 20 2011


August 11 2011

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