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June 03 2015

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this is really fucking cool

Lol the last part

I laughed at the ocean evaporating and bleeding into space part

*runs away*

Why did they use a SPIDER as an example for insects though? They're arachnids. Pet peeve.
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July 29 2014

May 13 2014


November 20 2013


January 12 2013

Stating the Obvious
How can anyone think that H2O is oxygen and forget all about the 2 hydrogen atoms?
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May 10 2012


Sweet Geezus

Sometimes you have a craving for cannoli but dont want it to go straight to your love handles. Now you can fulfill that craving without eating all those extra calories. This oxygen dessert will be making you say Sweet Geezus after every breath.

(via Behance)
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October 09 2011


Oxygen’s Reversible Jeans are Edgy and Practical


During my student days, I practically lived in jeans. I didn’t care much for fashion and trends back then; the only thing that mattered is that I had something easy to put on as soon as I stumbled out of bed after a night of studying partying. Now that I discovered that there’s more to clothes than jeans, I’ve never looked back, but the latest from Oxygen is making me think twice. They just launched their new collection of reversible jeans, a first in Philippine fashion.

Think your good old-fashioned pair of blue jeans, except you get two styles for the price of one! Each pair comes in two different washes, allowing you to change up your look simply by turning it inside out. I honestly don’t know why other denim brands don’t offer this style, because it’s incredibly ingenious. It’s perfect for jeans people who often travel but do not have the luggage space for several pairs, or for people who are too lazy to turn your jeans outside-in after taking them out the night before.

Oxygen’s reversible jeans come in men and women’s styles. Choose from different washes likeblack, dark blue, gray, and fits like skinny or drop crotch. Available third week of July at all Oxygenstores nationwide.

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