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August 23 2014

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March 03 2013

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Go Love Your Own City tee by Reason Clothing. Buy it here

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July 04 2012

Mum, Dad... I've Decided To Live On My Own
(via Damn! LOL)
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May 26 2012



i often wonder if it’s really necessary for me to have a gender.

May 21 2012


April 20 2012


Intrepid Michigan Tween Restores Her Own Future Car

Meet Kathryn, who is disassembling the driver’s seat track, rebuilding visors, drilling out door rivets, scrubbing wheel wells and replacing suspension bushings ... all while taking a break from soccer. Her dad, who posts about their project on a Fiero forum under the name Michhiker, is proudly sharing her progress and DIY attitude as she restores the car in her uncle’s barn. I won't add to the the OMG-she's-a-girl narrative here, but suffice to say a lot of people on the forum seem pretty impressed, even wistful that their sons are not as handy.

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February 08 2012

This goes to the people on my Facebook who like to like their own status updates.
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December 23 2011

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Makes me feel unpatriotic
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