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April 20 2018

A Comic About Your Voice
Partially inspired by that comic with an artist creating a character, and everyone's reaction to the character, & how the art thieves found & butchered her. I knew I wanted to make something similar but about your voice, cuz just like your characters, they're your babies too. And who cares if they got butchered on recording, you have a good voice, appreciate it. People may have better voices than you, just like they have better drawing skills or story-writing skills, but as long as yours make people happy, don't feel bad.

The ending wasn't really well thought tbh, it still feels rushed.
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May 07 2015


when you’re having a bad time but you’re trying to be positive about it

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October 29 2014


October 07 2013

9591 2509


Source: miles-tan. Affirmations!

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October 02 2013



the guy on the radio just said “gas prices aren’t so bad if you consider you’re really buying liquid explosive dinosaurs” and my perspective on life is forever changed

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September 09 2013

Be Optimistic - IDEO

June 09 2013


May 11 2013


March 18 2013

1787 d570
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