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March 08 2019

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Sooo I dont fully know which direction this comic's going... Just like all the other comics based on my inner conflicting opinions. On one hand, I agree with being supportive instead of spitefully competitive (healthy competitive is still kinda ok). On the other hand we all gotta acknowledge that pain & frustration of not getting what we want, and to see it fall into someone else's hands. C'mon. People tend to cover it up in favor of being the better person but sometimes, like any other feeling of envy, it needs to be acknowledged.

May 11 2015



“What do you think of Wolverine?”

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August 08 2014


January 27 2014


why are people saying you should “respect everyone’s opinions”

no you shouldn’t

homophobic, racist, and sexist opinions should not be respected because there’s no reason to respect them

July 12 2013

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Browsers pls. Don't be such bigots and side-pickers.
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January 20 2013

Men in Labour
Stereotypically we picture a very nervous man who worries a lot about his wife & their new baby during labour, but here's what they actually experience/say/think about the whole situation. Their different situations.

August 25 2011

Digimon VS. Pokemon - Digimon: Digital Monsters - Epinions.com

Comparison between Digimon & Pokemon, seeing which one is more

August 11 2011


April 19 2011

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