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February 09 2015

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Eat my innards children

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January 28 2015


October 13 2014

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Showing Tina some plushies and other things found in Hua Ho Manggis and some of the plushies matched our gang.

Also the birthday prediction, I dont buy them. But lol it's funny thinking how Tina's gonna act one day if she's married.

January 22 2014

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if you don’t want olaf making snow angles on your blog i don’t wanna know you

i love olaf haha, he’s just great 

awh i love olaf he’s so cute

aw aw literally just got home from seeing this movie! it was the best:)

he is flailing happily in his own flesh

and he likes warmth (which can potentially kill him) too. he's so effing metal.

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