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May 22 2014

August 14 2013

How do you know when someone is offended in a debate?

when they start swearing and yelling (or typing in all caps) and saying "well screw you, people have their opinions!" and when they walk away they still rant about the same topic, just not directing their face at you. oh also when their face turn red and tears slightly form.

January 06 2013

I don’t know who wrote this, so I can’t thank them personally, but I can at least help spread their words.

Men should be offended when someone claims that women should prevent rape by not wearing certain things or not going certain places or not acting in a certain way. That line of thinking presumes that you are incapable of control. That you are so base and uncivilized that it takes extraordinary effort for you to walk down the street without raping someone. That you require a certain dress code be maintained, that certain behaviors be employed so that maybe today, just maybe, you won’t rape someone.

It presumes that your natural state is rapist. 

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