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August 04 2014


December 24 2013


October 30 2013



*war flashbacks*

You don’t know how much I used to hate chatting & how annoying MSN messenger was until it’s gone T~T

October 12 2013

tumbloup: followers + postachio
Been getting email notifications lately and all I get was notifications of new followers from THOSE TWO sites (and occasionally Twitter too) and I started noting the difference: Twitter & Tumblr said "you have a new follower" and Soup said "you are somebody's new friend".

I probably should've clarified & written this instead on the comic:
The thing about 'friends' and 'followers' in Soup is that when someone follows you, like other sites they're called 'followers' but to them, you're their 'friend' already. Friends defined here are people you follow (either following you back or not). And guess what, 'followers' were once called 'stalkers' before the guys at Soup renamed the term.

And thanks to ~MitzumiKare for telling me about Postach.io, another alternative to Tumblr & Wordpress which we can use and log in with Evernote. It looks clean and simple though, kinda like Posterous. Maybe I felt like it is the next Posterous.

Lols. Idk any Wordpress personification character so I made a random androgynous character for it.

January 05 2013

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You have 2 messages, harr
by Sarah Kamada
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August 21 2012

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If Soup has an 'ask' feature then probably I'd do the same reaction. As for Ask.fm, yeah, GPOY. But you can always request a random question by clicking a button.
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