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July 09 2015

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when no one is noticing how cute you are

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July 04 2015

when a friend of yours gets friendzoned and pulls a "SENPAI NOTICE ME" online...
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March 30 2015

late night random thoughts again with Tina
I hope Pewds sees my tweet

February 26 2015

Daniel Gonzales faved Tina's tweet from earlier this year and she just realized that & is now hyper-OMG-SENSEI-NOTICED-ME-ing

February 06 2015

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no Alrena YOU'RE the senpai. every other new jumpscares popping out these days are your kouhais.
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August 29 2014


July 06 2014


July 02 2014

July 01 2014

December 07 2013

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Hiii (by SheySwiftieerLovaticDopest)
heyya :3 whatcha doing?
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