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August 22 2013

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This was actually a piece of notepad paper my sister got from somewhere. Yup that's exactly written like that. And all I can think of was Tomo Milicevic.

Seriously Shannon's starting to look more and more like Jared lately.
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November 04 2012

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With Moleskines being almost distastefully expensive and local shop not carrying the Daler-Rowney pads I liked, I started looking around for new home for my sketches. And look what I've found: the Düller Memo Pad with its quirky elongated form & the dots that just make it perfect. I guess all my designs will be optimized for wide-screen now :) Hope the cover won't prove too soft.
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April 25 2012


March 05 2012

a perfect notebook cover design
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May 31 2011

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Break the lines.
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