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August 22 2012

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WHERE DID ALL THESE FOOD GO? *sob* I miss them... especially Mi Remez & Chiky
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August 04 2012

July 12 2012

Ah... the classics
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July 10 2012

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Anyone else remeber this?
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June 21 2012

GOD how I MISS these series! Why aren't these around anymore? Lol the Arabic subtitles say 'dudu' instead of 'dodo'

March 24 2012


November 17 2011

Nutella-scented NES controller soaps on etsy.
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May 16 2011

February 10 2011

Party Like it's 1999




If you played with Barbies,

Polly Pockets,

Beanie Babies,


Slip N’ Slide,

And Satan Furbies,

Listened to the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSync and the Spice Girls

On Hit Clips, a Boom Box, or a Walkman,

Collected and traded Pokemon cards,

Wrote with Gel Pens,

Wore butterfly clips,

And Snap Bracelets,

And remember watching these guys:

You are a 90s kid.

 awwwwww my childhood!

my childhood was awesome 

Polly pocket!!

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