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December 23 2012






((Conclusion: Sandy is a little shit and he knows it))

aljdfalsdkjfa can we just appreciate Sandy’s expression on the last gif????

“ooh you want dis? well fuck you.”


((So essentially Sandy was like


[If Pitch and Sandy weren’t total enemies, I’d be inclined to believe they’d troll the fuck out of everyone.]

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April 25 2012

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April 19 2012


April 07 2012

The whole reason that Iran and North Korea even began pursuing nuclear weapons is because of that incredibly stupid "Axis of Evil" speech that George Bush made in 2003. When the largest military power in the world labels you as one of three "Axis of Evil" members, then proceeds to invade one of the other two, it tends to make you a bit twitchy. And, both Iran and NK know that the only way to really protect yourself from U.S. invasion is with nuclear weapons.
Iran Deleted From the World's Banking Computers
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