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November 14 2012


Thank you so much, Captain Obvious.
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Alright. Let’s break this down.

So this chick here on the left gives us the super cool gangster peace sign, while she chews a fake piece of gum, to give off an air of “I’m so cool without even trying” type of deal

then there’s the only boy in this whole group of girls, and he kinda looks like the creepy kid on children’s tv shows who always hits on the teenage girls who are too old for him. i have no clue what he is doing here. trying to pull off his suave, pre-pubescent moves?

in the back we’ve got the awkwardly tall girl who we know was stuck in the back so she wouldn’t tower over everyone. this is her audition for america’s next top model, only that smooth as sandpaper six-year-old blocks her. maybe next year, sally long legs

now it looks like they just put the awkward girls in the back because i mean just look at the girl to the right. she probably reads horse books or something. i’m sure she has a great personality.

coming up front now is a wannabe wild child. is that a duck face? i don’t even know… and why does she awkwardly cover her crotch with her hands in a rock n roll sign? covering your crotch? so not rock n roll.

then we get to the last girl. her face just makes me cringe because she is obviously so awkward. two thumbs up? what’s so good, nicole? clearly not your camera skills.

patrice wilson, do us all a favor and stop making music with twelve-year-old girls you are killing music.

IKR. Just when I thought Arc was done in abusing kids with fame and their cheap music...

And look, more gifs!
Best reaction ever.
And here comes Turkey Pato saying "I aint even mad"

Lookit how scared she looks.
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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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Why "It's Thanksgiving" is just a remake of "Friday" (both written by Patrice Wilson)

With the turkey, AYY! Mashed potatoes, AYY!
Partying partying YEAH! Partying partying YEAH!

December was Christmas, January was New Year, April was Easter, and the 4th of July, but now it's Thanksgiving
Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards

We we we we are gonna have a good time.
We we we so excited, we gonna have a ball today

Seriously, either It's Thanksgiving is a Friday parody, or Patrice just ran out of ideas to write creative lyrics.

Moreover, WHO uses a TURKEY LEG for a MICROPHONE?!

Watch the music video & read the lyrics here (at your own risk)
I just tweetcapped the new Rebecca Black crown stealer, Nicole Westbrook!
I watched it so you don’t have to.
FYI, Nicole Westbrook's song It's Thanksgiving is also by Arc Music Factory. Y'know, the one who wrote Friday by Rebecca Black.
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