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June 28 2015

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fab’s artsy stuff

honestly those are the best jules and nick portraits I’ve seen

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June 24 2015

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more bird!Fab. yes he's flailing his drumsticks
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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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May 26 2015

drew this cuz of this post:



what if julian pulls a 180 like albert did and starts working out 

imagine buff julian casablancas 

With a “Tennis Ball Yellow (on one side) and Red and Black (on the other side) Mullet. Revolutionary haha

which reminds me of that Dragons: Riders of Berk episode “Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man

sigh i cant draw realistic paintings in comics :’(

May 17 2015

he looks really confused here

May 07 2015


May 06 2015

Anonymous asked:
Is Nick a practicing Jew? Cuz i saw him wearing a star of David necklace
Nick’s ethnically Jewish and wears a star of David necklace, but has never said anything publicly about his religious beliefs.

Additionally, Albert Hammond Jr actually converted to Judaism so Nick wouldn’t be the only Jewish person in the band.

Here’s a photo of the necklace, plus it’s a nice picture hahaha
look how fluffy that hair is tbh.
is it me or when nick lets his poofy hair cover half of his face it made him cuter?
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April 17 2015



Fab, Albert, Jack White and Nick looking out window of dressing room, Radio City Music Hall

April 06 2015

the strokes → Reptilia → Nick Valensi [5/6]

April 01 2015



Nick and Fab being nerds (x

more like Fab being a fuckboy XD
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