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June 13 2020

The one where Anathema slips up & told the Them about blowing Newt

June 02 2020

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May 09 2020


April 18 2020


March 24 2020

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Comics that make me ask "WHY?!" but I did it anyway: this one.
Yep, i gotta say the NSFW side of the fandom has already "poisoned" me *does air quotes like Newt*.

P.s. Floppy Crowley is a mood.
P.p.s. all bets are on Anathema & Newt trying it out for themselves, only with less snaking 😏
P.p.p.s. an Instagram friend said it was punishment for anathema & newt for "borrowing" the books by "accident"

[uncensored version on my nsfw twitter]

February 04 2020


January 07 2020


This started as a cute Anathema x Newt comic with insecurities, reassurance & some Harry Potter references.
Initially it also has Aziraphale & Crowley sleeping on the couch cluelessly, but then I saw Enit_J’s DTIYS so I thought of doubling it as that, which explains why they’re wearing sweaters instead of their usual outfits (and I sorta swapped their positions for the *spoiler warning* plot twist)

It all ended up silly again cuz I can’t really go THAT deep 😅

November 13 2019

Sometimes my comics started out really cliché & then ended up making absolutely no sense.

Also idk how Anathema learnt miracling, cuz im not sure if her witch powers can do *that* in the GOverse.

September 07 2019

are they doing some sort of weird dance or something?
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