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May 27 2015


Thin privilege in a nutshell.

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November 27 2014

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October 31 2014


October 22 2014


October 09 2014

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they saw the chance and fucking sprinted with it

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September 20 2014

September 14 2014


August 21 2014


May 27 2014


January 04 2014

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i love (and by love i mean despise) the wording of this

it’s like heavily implying that somehow the school is some poor downtrodden institution and woe that morals in this nation have slipped so far as to allow transgender people to exist and be accepted in public!

FORCED to wear skirt, unlike the true morally correct exam clothing consisting of half a mime outfit and some clown pants

"because of equality laws"

school FORCED to treat pupil as human being rather than faceless statistic

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October 16 2013

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a loo with a view :D
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July 26 2013

i swear some people just...
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July 12 2013

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I can’t decide if

  • someone stabbed someone else over a cheeseburger
  • someone stabbed someone else with a cheeseburger
  • someone stabbed a cheeseburger
  • a cheeseburger stabbed someone
  • a cheeseburger stabbed another cheeseburger
Pretty sure it's about a cheeseburger stabbing another cheeseburger with yet another cheeseburger.
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May 25 2013


Tina being happy because her joke landed.  Jimmy just let’s it sink in for a moment.

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May 16 2013

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Ahhhhhhhhh I’m dyinggggggg I can’t breatheeee

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May 14 2013



the australian fucking news

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May 02 2013


March 27 2013


Get ready for something, everyone. It isn't over.


I'm going to keep it short, but this is fishy. Look at all these things I have collected.

Lynz (Gerard's wife) JUST SAID she's excited for whats happening next with the boys. HERE.

Also, Mat Devine (close friend of Gerards) tweeted saying the following

THEN, I found this. This is apparently a friend of LynZ. This is what was said.

Edit: I've found even MORE showing us that this is probably a transformation.

(2 parts)  



May just be hopeful thinking, but it does make sense. I feel like this isnt over. Not in the slightest.

well this changes everything

i hope it’s true


---------NEW EDIT-----------

THEN, James McMahon, EDITOR of Kerrang! magazine posted this!

SO, I'm going to sum things up for you guys.


***LynZ tweeted saying, ""I'm excited for what @gerardway @mikeyway @frankiero @raytoro do next. I know it's going to be amazing because they are each amazing. " IT'S going to be amazing, because THEY are each amazing.

***Matt Devine, the singer of Kill Hannah recently recorded with Gerard and spoke about the bands new tracks. After the break up, Devine tweeted, "MCR fans, don't despair. when one door closes another opens. stand by."

He wants us to STAND BY, in other words, be patient and get ready for something.

***Sean Smith, a friend of LynZ tweeted about his sorrow for MCR breaking up, but then added something. He said, "Gutted about MCR. Excited at what's next."

*** James McMahon, Kerrang editor has a page full of tweets as to why he thinks this is all fishy also!

EXCITED AT WHAT'S NEXT. It looks like he may know some inside info...

----Then on with the assumption that we now think that the band can no longer have rights to their name/label. And it makes PERFECT sense. (refer to last two photos). No WONDER they were recording MCR5 in a homemade studio they showed us. Remember?

Hoping this helps you guys.

For those of you who can't stop crying & being depressed about MCR eventhough your tears already dried up, read this for a blast of optimism. My Chemical Romance might not just be over YET.
[then again there's this letter Gerard wrote though... I'm confused now]
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March 26 2013

And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure.
 - My Chemical Romance
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March 16 2013




VFX/Animation Industry to protest the Oscars

Life of Pi (Fox) and Snow White and the Huntsman (Universal) together grossed almost a billion dollars worldwide. Rhythm & Hues Studios, the company that brought Richard Parker to life and created the bulk of the visual effects for these two Oscar nominated films, has just declared bankruptcy. Many of the artists who worked nights and weekends to create those effects are out of work and unpaid for weeks of work (including nights and weekends) on new tent-pole films for the same studios, Fox and Universal. It’s time for change!

(via Cartoon Brew)

    The disrespectful behavior exhibited by Samuel L. Jackson during the award’s introduction and the trivializing “Jaws” cut off just as Westenhofer addressed Rhythm and Hues’ bankruptcy deserve more coverage than Jennifer Lawrence hitting the stairs just before her speech.  These people are artists, not drones, creating visual masterpieces with hours of patience and perseverance.  If you are an artist, of any measure, this should concern you.  The company responsible for making you have feelings for a ship-wrecked predator, Rhythm and Hues, has declared chapter 11 bankruptcy.  These studios are underpaid and under-appreciated.  Spread the news, call out the Academy on its tactless dismissal of the hundreds of visual artists struggling to stay afloat.

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