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May 05 2015



Guys, y'know how Neville was really bad at magic for like the first five books? And he started to get good when he really pushed himself in the DA?

But then, he actually becomes pretty great from HBP on?

Well, in OtP he mentions that his grandmother would kill him for breaking his dad’s wand.

The wand was his dad’s.

Not his.

The wand chooses the wizard.

The reason he wasn’t as good as he could be was because the wand didn’t choose him.

Then he got his own from Ollivander, and he became like the most badass student at Hogwarts.

Neville was always a good wizard, it was just his wand.

Truth be told.

September 23 2013





#remembralls are the most fucking USELESS things in the entire magical realm#they don’t do shit except make you confused and upset

for those of you still wondering, Neville forgot his robe

well i can cross that off my list of random questions that still bother me

it’s kind of like the physical form of the feeling “Shit I know I forgot something, I have that weird, uncomfortable feeling, I just don’t know what”

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May 01 2012

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He was being serious, yo.
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“Neville helped me grow up as much as he’s helped people who’ve watched the films. When I first started, Neville and I were very similar: shy, chubby-faced boy. There was very little acting in the first couple of movies. That’s just me. But as he grew, so did I. And the thing about Neville is this amazing message that J.K. Rowling did for him. This message of evolution. Neville’s bullied, he’s scared of his own shadow. No one ever thinks he’ll amount to anything. And here he is in [“Deathly Hallows — Part 2”] saving the Wizarding World. It just shows you that, no matter how your childhood is, it doesn’t define you.

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