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July 24 2012

Where Disney Character Names Come From
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October 16 2011


August 31 2011

Some old quotes from back in 2003-2007-ish.

The life cycle of some talk about Nemo

Rara: Awww what a cute li'l froggie! I think I'll cll you… NEMO!
Majiidah: Ahem, hello? Nemo's already the name of my clownfish!
Hikari "Kari" Kamiya: Hehehe it's ok, I also named my new cat Nemo.
Marshelle "Marshey" Sukkasky: I had a mosquito named Nemo too! But he died in a week ago cuz my brother Scar caught him with his electric buzzer.
Kari & Maj: You PET MOSQUITOES?!
Rara: Interesting…
Marshey: Thanks…
Tadpole: Why is everyone calling and naming their pets Nemo? Isn't Finding Nemo season over already?

On Parades and Acting (and Choking)

Stephanie (LazyTown): YAY!! I joined the Pink Parade!
Emily the Strange and Amel the Strange: Well good for you, cuz we're joining the Black Parade!
Seattle: Is there any Aqua Parade?
R2: Hit the sea, kid!<
Amel: The Aqua Parade… Fira's creating it right about… now.
Sea: WHEEE~ Thanks a lot, Fire Goddess! YAY I JOINED THE AQUA PARADE!!
Steph: Why is she always copying me?!
Gerard Way: She isn't the only one who's copying. I mean Pink Parade? Aqua Parade? You're all kidding me, right? You don't even know what The Black Parade is all about and you just take random colors and make parades outta them without deeper inspection!
Carrie: Heheh hey Gee cry again! Your Mother War will be Mother Peace!

Fira: So, Seattle is… we'll see.
Amel: Aqua Girl, right?
Fira: YEAH

Carrie: Aaaand yet another copycat! Doesn't that make you wanna cry, Gee? Work those waterworks ahahaha..
Gerard: *whispers to R2* I've never told anyone this but I hang out with Jared Leto a lot and I'm actually good at acting. *back at Carrie* AAAAAAAARRGGHHHHH *lies on the floor and starts sobbing*
R2: hahah what a bab-ACK ACK ACK
[Gerard was choking R2]

R2: ACK!! Dude I thought you were-CK-too busy-HGKK-crying!

Gerard: *shaking R2* I AIN'T! THAT LITTLE BITCH OVER THERE AND EVERYONE PESTERED ME TO CRY JUST BECAUSE OF THAT I DONT LOVE YOU MUSIC VIDEO *whispers* cmon, work with me here, don't you even know how to act?

R2: can't--hgk--ACT when I'm--hckk-CHOKING TO DEATH..

[eventually Carrie found out he was just acting]

Carrie: …so he's not crying for real? Aww R2, you take away all the fun!

Steph, Sea, Amel & Emily: WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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