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June 15 2015





no one really needs me and that makes me really fucking sad 

no listen okay nobody really needs oreos or tv or pictures of clouds: but they’re all stuff that makes the world better for existing. i think the whole western idea of “you must have worth! you must have value! you must be NEEDED!” is really poisonous. you are not for sale. you don’t need a “worth,” a “value”. you don’t NEED to be needed!!! it’s okay to just BE! a few days ago a girl thought i was out of earshot and said “omg she’s so pretty!!” and yeah i don’t need to hear that, but it made me so incredibly happy!! 

plus: there’s literally no way for you to know how you’ll effect someone through your life. my friend didn’t commit suicide because a passing stranger on the train happened to say something into his phone that connected with her soul (”of course you deserve love, you are breathing, aren’t you?”) and she didn’t have the chance to thank him or ever see him again but she needed to hear that. i think we need to be in places + talk to people + overhear certain things: but they’re never the stuff we expect. in the meantime, i promise, for at least one person (that’s myself): you’re my oreos. i sure as hell would be a sad girl without you.

you don’t NEED to be needed!!! it’s okay to just BE! 

this is very important

I needed this today.

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June 21 2014

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December 29 2012

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November 26 2012

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What do people need?
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May 26 2012


PRINCE OF DOUCHEBVAGS: whoneedsfeminism: Men need feminism too, because feminism isn’t just... »


Men need feminism too, because feminism isn’t just about speaking out against the unfair expectations that are placed on women, but also about the ones placed on men as well.

It’s about how men shouldn’t be called “pussies” when their girlfriends are stronger than they are. It’s about how men shouldn’t be called “incompetent” when their wives are the breadwinners. It’s about how men should not feel unworthy if they can’t pay for their girlfriends, who are more than capable of paying for themselves. 

Society should not be making men feel insecure when women prove themselves as equals, and that’s why both women AND men need feminism. 

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May 05 2012

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What I want vs what I need
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April 25 2012

Don't worry tree, I'll save your family.
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December 23 2011


November 04 2011

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Treyshon's mom be trippin
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October 30 2011

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Dick Figures: OMG
lol parody of Inception... & bits of Akira
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October 06 2011

29 things designers must know
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Anything with a blowtorch is always a good idea
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September 26 2011


August 03 2011


July 30 2011


April 16 2011

We still need to go deeper, X.
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March 26 2011


February 20 2011

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