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June 03 2015






I freakin love off the wall illuminati theories

“Off the wall”. Vans. Vans off the wall. Vans are also cars. Who drives vans? Creeps. Whos creepy? Slenderman. Slenderman wears a suit, so Natalia Kills would dissaprove. “Natalia Kills” has three A’s in it. a triangle has three sides. This post is illuminati confirmed.

I’m so happy tbh

You just proved it again. “I’m so happy tbh” has 12 letters in it. It also has 4 words. Guess what 12 divided by 4 is? That’s right- it’s 3. A triangle has 3 sides. Checkmate. Illuminati confirmed yet again. This is too easy.

yep. its real.

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March 30 2015


When your opponent sends out the same Pokémon as you

She's gonna rant about Ditto fo sho
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February 26 2015



RABBIT HOLE // natalia kills

'Cause I eat boys like a cannibal,
Fuck hard, howl at the moon like an animal,
Eat me, drink me, straight down the rabbit hole
White lines, white lies, straight down the rabbit hole

July 11 2012

Natalia Kills totally looks like Denni Elias (Chicmuse)
(via Cheezburger)

June 16 2012

Play fullscreen
Natalia Kills - Mirrors - YouTube
Just came across this video today. The scenes look like as if they've been applied Instagram filters on, the beats & melody are almost cliche, but this whole video is just artsy. And lol drowning him in milk.

September 22 2011

dream 12-5-2015

The whole thing took place in my house entirely, all vibrant with pastel fruity colors and thick white small subtitles, in all caps, like we were in a music video slash sitcom. My mom was downstairs, telling me to tell my dad to fix the kettle cuz she was gonna do something with it. I ran upstairs & pestered dad to fix the kettle when he's done in the bathroom. He was like alright, alright I'll fix the kettle later.
Meanwhile my siblings... well... idk what they exactly did.

I was playing with Lego bricks in another room afterwards, and thats when the aura's bright colors faded, into a greying, much less-saturated color palette. There were people talking in the room behind me (my back was directly facing the door opening, and there was no door) and guess who I saw. Natalia Kills, with her posse (and Willy Moon wasnt there, just the girls). Natalia and the others were bragging about the badass achievements they've got this year, like they were comparing how much drunk partying one has more than the other, who flippin raged in front of a cop, who wrestled a bear with a chainsaw, etc. It was fun to hear but I dont know why I was annoyed, & I couldnt concentrate on building stuff with my Lego, so I grabbed a handful of Lego and I felt something soft and crittery between my hands... and I squished it right away against the few blue 8-buttoned Lego bricks I'm holding. It was a cockroach and I could feel its legs falling apart & its juices dripping down my hands, but I didnt look at it. I threw the dead cockroach at Natalia and her buddies and it took them a few seconds before they started freaking out.

That kinda freaked me out too straight outta the dream.
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