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October 10 2013

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▶ 30 Life Hacks Debunked - mental_floss
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October 09 2012

Sometimes I don't understand why people squirt on other people's faces, I find it disgusting.

September 15 2012


The Pocahontas Myth






Pocahontas was harshly criticized by Chief Roy Crazy Horse as historically inaccurate and offensive for glossing over more negative treatment of Pocahontas and her tribe by the English. He claims that Roy Disney refused the tribe’s offers to help create a more culturally and historically accurate film.

You can read his entire statement on the subject, which includes the factual story of Matoka, or “Pocahontas” as she was nicknamed,here, on the official website of the Powhatan Renape Nation.

I recommend reading the above linked piece- it’s pretty short, but will give you a very clear understanding of the history/the accurate account v. the myth/Powhatan response to the movie.

I knew the true story but I never knew that it was made up by Smith. So in reality there is not story at all. Just a white guy with a big mouth. Big surprise. As much as I love the Disney movie, this makes me want to punch Disney in the face because they could have told an even better story of colonialism.

I never even let my girls watch this movie when they were younger. Between knowing I’m going to have to set them straight when it comes to American History class and all the other b.s. they are going to be fed regarding history in school, I figured it was one less thing I had to correct. 

I knew she actually married John Rolfe the tobacco farmer, but I didn’t know about the rest.

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March 03 2012

Myth Busta.
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