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May 18 2019

Another year older

Y'all, if I live in the US, im old enough to drink now

July 05 2014

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February 09 2014

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2014 Showreel

Had to make a new showreel featuring my works from 2012 - 2014, cuz my last showreel from 2011 was outdated, and it only featured my drawings and comics, cuz that time I haven't done much animated works. I also do some 3D modeling but somehow I'm not confident enough to show them cuz 3D isn't really my thing.

Song used: "Team" by Lorde (instrumental)

February 07 2014

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BFFL: How They All Met
The final project assignment I have to do to end the final semester in Limkokwing Uni in 2011. Based on a comic I did in 2008, which was a revamp of the comics in 2001.

Little Julie wanted to befriend Kree, cuz she's getting all the attention with the new dress of hers. Sadly Kree thinks she's too good for Julie and ignored her friendship handshake. When Julie talked about it to her dressmaker mom, she began making a dress that looked just like Kree's but in Julie's favorite colors, hoping that this would raise the bar and that Julie will gain Kree's friendship. But things went out of plan and she accidentally stole Kree's spotlight as everyone thinks Julie's dress looks better.
In the end Julie apologized to Kree with a basket of cookies and as cliche as endings are, they become good friends. In the end Tari and Petie joins in their friendship walk.

February 06 2014

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Flying Toaster's New Menu, higher quality but still choppy idk why.

(c) 2010

January 12 2014


January 11 2014

December 04 2013

June 07 2013

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How To Grow A Cat + Pirates
A recorded actual Skype conversation between me and Myoo89.

Animated in Flash. I'm sorry I couldnt get the quality right when I exported the animation as a .mov file for some reason. It only comes right when I exported it as .swf and when I tried converting it into a .mov file with After Effects & Premiere Pro, it just ends up destroying both softwares & I had to force quit every time. In the end I decided to just export a few .mov videos from Flash itself and select the clear parts and compile them together. It's (almost) perfect. At least.

February 11 2013

3961 be78
Powerpuff Pallis lifting Powerpuff Adakias
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