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June 23 2019


Written & pre-recorded in 2016 and finally got to finish it now.
Tools used: Drumbit, Garageband, Audacity, Soundbooth & Photoshop

The lyrics are obvious, like you’re being bested by someone else & swore to imitate or one-up the competition to feel better, to be better, and not caring even if your dignity is destroyed in the process.

The bg music sounds a bit off during the middle, cuz initially a friend pointed out something needed to be fixed but when i tried fixing it that sparked several other problems so I went with the previous unedited track.

April 27 2018

One pet peeve of every artist ever. We all know about this so effing well.
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October 26 2017

Made another comic on the iPad, this time using Procreate but since i wanted typed text i had to import it to Tayasui sketches, which is kinda hard cuz you gotta type every line separately cuz they don't have textboxes unlike Photoshop.

This was based on something Kristina said comparing me and Ribka n she mentioned our song choices.

October 17 2017

Not Everyone Has The Best Of Both Worlds
Sometimes I forget that not all those who sing & make music can draw, and not all those who draw, design and animate can sing or make music. I’m too used being surrounded by people who can do both.

Tapas | WebtoonTumblr

September 25 2017

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Old tweets from two years ago based on some unimportant comment from like 10 years ago from someone judging me cuz I was on dA too much.

May 04 2015

Is there any international organization that you want to work for/with?

CARTOON NETWORK! I'd love to get accepted there with Tina and we can collaborate on our own animated series, since we collaborate on stuff a lot (mainly comics).

Thats the art industry. In terms of music industry, i'd just work with whatever band/musician that wants me to jam with them.

April 20 2015

do you ever listen to a song and feel the urge to make a short film just to use it as a soundtrack
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April 19 2015


That’s one of the great things about music. You sing a song to 85,000 people and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 reasons.

— Dave Grohl 
(Source: voidteenclifford, via otherspook)
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January 24 2015

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Express Music Through Art
or rather, a musician stuck in the body of an artist

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December 01 2014


November 22 2014


October 20 2014


October 17 2014



Usually band members enforce their fans to buy their music…then there’s Brendon Urie

good guy Brendon understands his broke fans
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October 15 2014





when you accidentally step on a bee



i don’t speak musician somebody translate this please

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October 08 2014


In their 12 year career, My Chemical Romance did the unthinkable. Four kids from New Jersey with a penchant for all things vampiric, Comic-Con and nerdy formed a rock band that would reinvent itself with each record, from the angry I Brought You My Bullets to the cinematic Danger DaysLike all good things, the band came to an end, but not before establishing themselves as a definitive act in the emo/pop-punk genre. 

Lead by frontman Gerard Way, whose relatable oddball-ness earned him cult icon status, MCR eventually called it quits in early 2013. Soon after, Way announced he was workingon a solo record called Hesitant Alien, music that would sound completely different from his old band. We sat down with Way to talk about life post-My Chemical Romance, exploring new sounds and learning how to stay true to your art.

Read the interview @ the source
(via mychemicalcollective)

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October 03 2014


September 08 2014

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September 07 2014

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September 04 2014

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