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July 25 2012

I don't care WHAT they broke. Don't you DARE yell at my little marshmallows.
(via Cheezburger)
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May 17 2012

APH: Crazy Mama by Arafel
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March 09 2012


February 29 2012

Damn tricky muggles!
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January 03 2012

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European Member of Parliament Takes Her Baby To Work……
Licia Ronzulli, an MEP from Italy, took her seven-week old daughter Victoria to work at the European parliament this week at Strasbourg.She kept her baby carefully cradled against her in a sling and occasionally leant to kiss her on the forehead. Photographs of Ronzulli cradling her daughter in a sling as she voted on proposals to improve women’s employment rights were broadcast around the world and published in newspapers from the US to Vietnam.

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December 05 2011

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This is for parents, especially moms.
(see Ragecomics can be moralistic too)
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November 19 2011


September 29 2011


September 04 2011

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That is one vengeful cupcake.

September 02 2011

Dream 5-8-2013

Had a dream that I installed an Alrena Roushe app on Facebook so she can pop out whenever she pleases, scaring my unexpecing friends...

Also, some Razia's Shadow stuff.
I dreamt I was reading a RS comic where Ahrima had a mother and she taught Nidria how to do a rain dance (or summon the rain), probably her version of an if-you're-gonna-be-my-daughter-in-law thing. And up in the sky, Ahrima skillfully turned falling raindrops into rain bombs / water balls by trapping them in his hands and releasing them. Turns out he had Barayas the Spider installed those webs in his hands. Ahrima was technically Spider-Man for that moment.


February 02 2011

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