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August 08 2013

So what do earth ponies get?
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August 03 2013

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July 08 2013



I might be the last person to notice this, but I just realized that while there are two of each type of pony (Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus), the mane six actually have one pone that exemplifies their type, and another that sort of does an alternate route. Applejack is the example of the best Earth Pony, since she works with all things on earth, does all sorts of gardening and such. However, Pinkie Pie goes in a direction that no other pony really does with her talent for parties. Twilight is the perfect example of a Unicorn, seeing as how her special talent is magic. Rarity, however, doesn’t use her magic for much other than her spell for finding gems. Rainbow Dash is probably the fastest Pegasus in the world, following all the norms of the Pegasus to a T. Fluttershy’s talent has nothing to do with her flying, and actually prefers the ground to the air. I think this shows that although two ponies are the same type, they still have their differences, but they can still get along. No two ponies are the same, but that doesn’t have to be something that gets in the way of their friendship.

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June 06 2013


May 24 2013

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May 20 2013

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the next time i think its a great idea to design six magical girls for practice, pls stop me….

for a potential print! maybe! some designs will probably be revised.

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Fluttershy gifset

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And of course Scoots is doing the chicken dance XD


That guy in the 70’s white suit thrusting though.

Am I the only one who sees Twist in the background?

I notice her too.

Also anyone else notice that man in the blue suit in the background.

Could he be….

“And of course Scoots is doing the chicken dance XD”

Goddamnit tumblr.

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Equestria Girls Trailer


is this seriously a real thing

Hopefully this will only stay a movie & NOT the beginning of a new series. Because NO.


Yeah, I hope Twilight doesn’t get too used to the human world :T Equestria needs her

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May 14 2013


May 11 2013


All I want is an episode of My Little Pony where the antagonist is male pony with a fedora cutie mark who goes around harassing everyone for pursuing their own interests instead of dating him and then the mane 6 use the elements of harmony to banish him to an actual place called the friendzone and where he is kept prisoner until he learns to appreciate having girls as friends and see them as actual people.

ahem, what about Discord? he's close enough though. Sure he's not a pony but he doesnt have a fedora cutie mark on, but he's an asshat of a troll... until Fluttershy befriends him & he betrayed her & she gave him the cold shoulder or something. I'm not sure if that will change his behavior but if this villain does appear, I want to see Discord in that episode whether he'll betray Fluttershy again and joins this mofo, or he'll fight alongside the ponies.
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April 13 2013


April 11 2013



Pony Swag (Cover) - Michael Jones

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February 21 2013


Dash be trollin' with lightning
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February 17 2013

mane 6 through the times by emmathefelof
Aww they were adorbsy cute when they're fillies... and lol Pinkie never changes as an adult :)
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February 16 2013

MLP comic - Butterfly by Mi-eau
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February 09 2013


Sudden Clarity Sweetie Belle

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January 17 2013

MLP 4Koma-39.
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