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November 01 2014


October 09 2014



Homegirl on a mission

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January 30 2014

Old Missions And New Distractions
This idea popped out during a family lunch outing. For some reason it ALWAYS takes me back to the public copying days of when I was a toddler. As discussed in the last Meet R2, I get distracted by babies and animals easily (well that comic just showed babies)

Tools used: Two black pens of different shades, a pencil & a red gel pen just cuz I wanna waste them, and I got lazy drawing digitally on photoshop. Unfortunately since I've got no scanner currently the phone camera quality sorta butchered it but it's still visible. I just edited the writings.
Featuring myself, AmelStrange and her significant other who brought the car.

December 25 2012


Laika - the first dog in space

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November 30 2012

Avengers - 5 Course Disaster by Star-Jem
Lol the "You Tried" star on Steve
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April 12 2012

8443 51e4
Seems like they're on an awesome quest... or is this only a fancomic?
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September 18 2011

February 16 2011

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