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June 03 2015

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Her parents must be sooo proud.

You know what, yes her parents should be fucking proud. She made a successful music career and left Disney on her own accord because she was unhappy with them. She is happy as fuck, dude. She is living her life exactly how she wants to be. She is fucking swimming without a top on in the ocean. Have you never swam naked before, dude? This would be fine if she was a man. No one would even think twice about this photo. And that’s fucking bullshit to me. It’s 3 in the morning and I don’t know why I’m getting so pumped about Miley Cyrus but I’m so sick of women getting chastised for showing their fucking breasts. THEY ARE FUCKING BREASTS. And if this was a nudes leak you’d probably be all about it. She knows she was probably going to get photographed here and THATS WHAT BOTHERS YOU. That she is so comfortable with herself and her body that she doesn’t care. She is in control and you can’t take that from her.

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December 24 2013

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Troll lvl: Jennifer Lawrence (via 9GAG)
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December 12 2013


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November 06 2013




Miley Cyrus vs paps


(Source: dylanstin, via lolsofunny)

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October 27 2013

oh gOD WHY
…perfect though. I'm strangely turned on by this this is not normal at all D:
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October 23 2013

This is fucking win XDD
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October 19 2013

Heavy Cyrus Wrecking Ball
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October 15 2013

ON CRACK: Brendon and Miley... and Mikey
Yess... I got another tablet. After my Bamboo Pen broke I bought a secondhand Bamboo Fun from a friend of mine (he doesn't need it anymore). And finally, back to finishing this.
I had this idea a few days ago after watching P!ATD's "Girls/Girls/Boys". Everyone was suddenly comparing Brendon to Miley and I thought why the hell not? Also, Miley's hair always makes me think of Mikey's killjoy hair.

"Young Cyrus?" pfft Brendon you're only like 5 & a half years older than her.

Yes, this 'On Crack' comics are starting to be a series or something. These are meant to be comics that are based on the current events of musicians and other celebs, but the plotlines are all made-up, conclusion-jumping and made as ridiculously WTF as possible.
Previous On Crack comics:

Brendon Urie, Miley Cyrus & Mikey Way (c) themselves.





I think we all need to acknowledge this for a second because Adam made a really good point about this the other day and I haven’t gotten around to bitching about it until now. Everyone has been going on for MONTHS about how ridiculous wrecking ball is. How Miley is nude and posed provocatively and singing a pop-y song. Now, Panic! At The Disco has released a music video of Brendon Urie basically naked, posed provocatively, singing a pop-y song. No one says a god damned thing. Everyone is all hot-and-bothered over brendon, but pissed at Miley, calling her a slut. (don’t get me wrong, I loved the music video, too. However, I find Miley just as sexy.)

I’m just saying, this is why I need feminism.

Its because 2 years ago she was a role model to young girls who are STILL young on the disney channel, and quite possibly/more than likely still inclined to look up to her.  But now, she’s naked all over the internet so it sucks for a lot of parents all around.  Tumblr always has to make everything about feminism.

^^missing the point that its okay for a man to be naked but not for a woman. Has nothing to do with Disney, because I could make an argument about male Disney icons posing naked on the internet as well.  Everything is about feminism because feminism is about equality for all people, not just women.

A) Posing naked on the internet is different than releasing a music video as a world wide pop icon in which you are naked a decent amount of the time.

B) It’s ok for a man to be naked and not a woman?  That is NOT what this is about.  This is about “It’s ok for a guy in a kinda popular teenage cult band to be naked but not Miley Cyrus.”  Its about WHO and THE CIRCUMSTANCES, not WHAT SEX.

C) And yeah I know what feminism is I study it.  I totally agree with feminism but revengeful and extremist feminists have killed it and made it more about being sour than actually gaining equality for everyone.

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October 09 2013



Damn. Go Miley

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October 03 2013

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I came in like a Shrek-ing ball

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September 26 2013

September 25 2013

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▶ We Can't Stop - Vintage 1950's Doo Wop Miley Cyrus Cover ft. The Tee - Tones
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