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September 12 2019

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October 18 2014


A Brick Facade Appears to Melt Off of an Apartment Building

From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes is a surreal display by British designer Alex Chinneck that makes it look like the brick facade is sliding right off the front of a building in Margate, England. The eye-catching installation, which took Chinneck approximately one year to bring to fruition, takes a four-story residence that had been abandoned for eleven years and replaces the old frontage with a new one that slumps down and curves outward, leaving the front door lying perpendicular to the top row of windows.

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April 30 2014

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Tags: art cube pour melt
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January 13 2014

What a waste of perfectly good giant golden dwarf king (Source: kamikazekatze, via fullyloadedsheep)
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January 05 2014


April 29 2013

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me everyday do you feel me

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February 22 2013

In her ‘Grow Old Series’ interior designer Merve Kahraman tried to create solutions to negative effects of obsolescence, excessive consumerism and the lack of emotional attachment between users and their products. Part of this series is the ‘Revitalizer’, a wax-lamp that re-creates itself over time, allowing its owner to re-use it and observe the growing-old, dying and rebirth cycle of the lamp. The high voltage bulb inside the lamp melts the wax slowly and after all wax melted down into the cup, the heat resistance inside the core helps the wax to create a new mould. Once the wax cools down and takes its shape, the user can replace it into the top part of the lamp again. The soft lamp shapes various forms, creating surprise and a feeling of relaxation while watching.
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February 03 2013


The Devils Pet - Sweet little kittens are transformed in a fire. Crawling from the ashes come forth grinning metallic devils with sharp claws and fire blazing in their eyes.Designed by Thorunn Arnadotti.

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December 04 2012

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November 14 2012

The Dream Melt by camiladerrico
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September 06 2012

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August 21 2012

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Ask me anything. Lol powerpuff lips.
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June 08 2012

Crayon Art DIY
Process right here
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May 31 2012


April 18 2012

Cheezels - Real - Melt by jeremyhogg
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September 04 2011

    Crayon Melting Time Lapse
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August 01 2011

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