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May 21 2015

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April 02 2015

me at work (or rather a vocalist trapped in an office when she's supposed to be in a band)
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January 11 2015


my fanart & fancomics got in Razia's Shadow official website, and they cover most of the area!

December 11 2014

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cut my hair short again yesterday

November 12 2014


October 06 2014


January 13 2014

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Tina & I just got back from ambushing Twenty One Pilots' video Migraine and stole their clothes.

December 23 2013

Killjoy or Youngblood? by bandgeek4evur
recolored by me digitally cuz I wanna make it look more like this pic here

October 06 2013

Towering Over Once Again
dA version | tumblr version
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October 04 2013

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Original idea isn't mine. I swear I saw a drawing that looks like this but I don't know who the original artist is. If anyone finds anything, tell me.
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September 17 2013

Who would you cast to play you in a movie?

either Ayu Ratna from Garasi or that short-haired chick from Virgin(s?) (i forgot the band's name). but please not Gigi from Cherrybelle unless if she can really act tough, weird and super awkward, n not extra kawaii

September 08 2013

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gif version of this
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My version of Ash's self-portrait cover photo :P

F O B | gif version

August 20 2013

SDFGHJK thanks a ton Ash for drawing this piece for me!! \m/ kinda cheers me up today after a long day of work.
Simple but sick hoodie design, and hopefully I can rock out like this in real life too :)

August 18 2013

Ashhazarurii's (WIP) piece of me rocking out on stage. Thanks, buddy
Tags: me rocking sketch

July 30 2013

  • me in the street: imagine if my favorite band walked by
  • me in my room: imagine if my favorite band walked in
  • me in the car: imagine if my favorite band was in the car next to me
  • me in class: imagine if my favorite band walked in
  • me on vacation: imagine if my favorite band were here
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planting some truffula trees
Letting go off my frustration of not being on a roadtrip and planting trees everywhere yet. I really wanna plant something. Also, the frustration of doing office tasks.

I seem to be enjoying this new messy coloring technique. It's kinda like pointillism but it involves more scribbling and scratching.
Sorry for the lack of animals, I should've put more barbaloots & swomee swans over there... and maybe some more walking hummingfish too cuz they can walk out of water.

The Lorax (c) Dr Seuss
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May 18 2013


May 15 2013

Ni juu ni sai, ni juu ni, ni juu ni, ni juu ni,
Ore wa, ore ni juu ni sai furisodeshon.

HA I'm basically 15
Just because it's my birthday today. Also, I never actually thought the theme's gonna be Furisodeshon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu watch the music video to get the reference

February 26 2013

Messing around with Final Cut Pro 6 again... here an old shot from Video Production 2 class back then & i tried color isolation. (via Heello)
Also, testing embedding videos from Heello on Soup but so far it doesnt look good enough, the default Heello player isnt loading.
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