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November 26 2013


November 23 2013

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Kerrang! knows how it is.


My Frerard Romance:

And it was this. When do you think he did this ? Its revenge era looking but Gerard did it because its his style and handwriting. 

I think it needs to be my screen lock. xAshleyx

This though

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November 15 2013


October 31 2013

yet again another portrait attempt based on a photo reference from the internet - Twitpic

October 30 2013

"And like the blade you stain. Well, I've been holding on tonight."
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October 29 2013

MCR-30STM-FOB portrait attempt
Practiced drawing more realistic-looking people a.k.a. a failed attempt to do portraits.
I wanted to try something different from the usual cartoony style with the same faces, since I felt that I lack the ability of drawing different facial features. Everytime I see different people's faces, for some reason I know they all look different but I just can't seem to put my finger in the exact differences.

So here's my effort to draw just three of my favorite bands :w00t: and I think I nailed most of the faces, cuz I still see some flaws. *coughandscrewthetattooscough*

My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars & Fall Out Boy © themselves.
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October 26 2013

October 25 2013

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October 24 2013


Frank Iero on stage 3/5: 'Danger Days'

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October 22 2013

So @purplecyanide showed me this Tumblr post in Facebook and this was what we gotta say.

That Pete and Mikey bit tho

October 19 2013


October 11 2013

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"The energy in the crowd has now grown so fierce you could power a city with it. We can't see them but we can feel them. In the dark I see Ray standing vigilant on his side, focused. Bob begins to count out a tempo and Frankie strums the first bars of 'The End', which is ironic because it isn't the end at all... just the beginning."
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October 10 2013


October 07 2013

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my chemical romance album photosets:

danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys

(Source: fronkenweenie)

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September 30 2013

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80 My Chemical Romance fans, shown with the year that they became fans.

// All photos edited by me (~toad1 / mcrdeviantclub) except ~datewithterror’s.
// Textures from 

Here are the names of the fans in order from top to bottom, left to right:

*OneTwoPew ~Red-Wolf-26 *littleblackmariah
~Bex-Photography ~DeadRoseInTheSnow *gothwannabe
~KnifeInToaster *MakeMeButterfly *Neonfluzzycat
*cbaughman44 *Cuddlepuss *SoraMisery
~dis3ased ~BewareOfTheMonkey ~Lymacal1
*withinmeloveresides1 ~Leah-of-Hyrule ~Eclipsefangirl1
~Turnipgirl1 ~NanaFreakout ~awkwardSHEEP
~DontTouchTheMap *CaptainKPeanuts ~DearlyBeloved
~Darkkitty2430 ~Fatality-Like-Ghosts ~HaydenIero
~animestalker93 =QueenNekoyasha ~HeyItsSkinny
~Killjoy-Sound ~lifesacrimescene *Safe-As-Houses
~babyjanesplicer ~Red-Tailed-Fox ~strawberryenigma
~StardustSavior ~usaggii ~oceanangel592
~Iverzzz9 ~itsKnivesorPens ~MCRomantical
~CarcinoArmagedons *My-Cat-Romance *D-Deadly
=Theanimalparade ~MyLifeAsCayley =withloveandcyanide
~crimsonletters ~SteamPunkHottie ~ZombiesAteMyHomework
~RaindropsOnRoses21 ~MLiMLiMLi ~DareTheDevil102
~bamf11 ~VineSpider ~Salty-Runner
~Mniricecakes ~EvaFaithHorror ~MoonwalkJones
~thebrilliant ~datewithterror ~Chocoreaper
*T0ySoldier =itz-Cindyrella *Raven052
*kikideath ~Idunno09 ~popgirl2112
~ART9807 ~DGenerationX8990 ~dangerkid2019
~hudgens77 ~GoldenEva-Beatrice ~VioletLobo
~TrinityRaven ~ConventionalVampire ~Flame22
~weedenstein ~ann-zuo

awesome~ I see me! Thanks a bunch for this \m/

Unfortunately in Soup everything needs to be rearranged & resized to fit the whole frame.

September 28 2013


Article/Interview with Gerard about his upcoming appearance @ the Graphic festival in Australia

One is a New Jersey native whose band, My Chemical Romance, has packed stadiums for more than a decade. The other is a veteran comic-book writer from Glasgow, who has spent seven years giving voice to Batman. But Gerard Way and Grant Morrison have discovered they have a lot more in common than the surface suggests.

Read the rest @ the source

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September 26 2013

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