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June 01 2017

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This happened in the office last Wednesday. As a kid I was always a big fan of twinning and matchy-matchy everything. This mindset is hard to get rid of.

To be honest, they don’t even look the same.

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July 07 2015




*puts on cool socks* 
Ok ready to go


it would appear as though this mouser is mimicking her owner
a mimic mouser, hrmm 

wearing the same socks as her employer
a facsimile feline, hrmm hrmm

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February 08 2015

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5 facts and PAP #funnyviralindex
1. Mirrors are actually a smart kind of white when you think about it. White reflects every light while black absorbs them, and mirrors reflect EVERYTHING. also with a slight tint of green, proven using mirror tunnels. (From Vsauce)
2. Memories dont last forever and how you remember events change as time goes by. You can actually edit memories & delete unwanted ones. (From Rhett & Link)
3. And though you're dead and gone believe me, your memory will carry on (MCR, welcome to the black parade)
4. Mind over matter actually works. Tell yourself little lies about things you want to improve, and pretty sure the lies slowly become the truth.
5. Cockroaches - cute. Spiders -cute. Spider-roach hybrid - BATSHIT SCARY OMFG RUN FOR YA LIVES

with those being said here's a picture of ‎Tina & me actually using the derpy Patrick n Pete icons from that tumblr post

January 29 2015

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well one of us is going to have to go home and change

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January 16 2015


December 13 2014



"Well one of us is gonna have to change"

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August 20 2014

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July 17 2014


June 01 2014


May 06 2014


April 01 2014


November 11 2013

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wow my shorts kinda match my hair


I've always loved bright red and lime green combined together

August 25 2011

Two pre-sleep thoughts and a screwed up dream (27-7-2013)


Two ladies on the streets were halting a man as he walks by; apparently he was wearing a dress and boots that dont match at all. One girl, the brunette, insists that he keep the dress and lose the boots but the other, the blonde, begged to differ n wants him to keep the boots and lose the dress, because according to her, the boots are more trendy and fashionable than the dress. However, the man explained to the two that this was only a social experiment he's working on about how society responds to men wearing women's clothing articles, and that he doesnt always dress like a woman, and that according to his taste the boots do indeed go with the dress and if the two don't like it, it was because their tastes are too mainstream. He left them by saying 'later' and walked away fabulously. The two girls were suddenly both annoyed and impressed at his attitude and confidence at the same time.

Meanwhile on an apartment office not far away from them, I was with a girl named Mabel, who claimed she just accidentally ate toothpaste. She was clenching her own stomach and puked some toothpaste out. I asked her about it and she said it tastes like blueberry mint. I told her she acts as silly as another Mabel, the Mabel from Gravity Falls, and she asked me what gravity falls was. I was surprised she didnt know about the TV show so I explained it to her. Her response was nodding, and said the character Mabel was copying her since according to her, she had always been silly since she was three. I then proceeded to make this Mabel some chamomile tea cuz she really need to calm down and recover after vomiting. She ordered that the chamomile tea should be mixed with green tea, honey and a squash of lime or lemon, just the way she likes it. As much as the tea totally sounds delicious, I made a remark at Mabel for her choice of tea, and she told me she's like Ramona Flowers, owning lots of different types of tea. I was surprised that she knew Scott Pilgrim after telling me earlier that she doesnt know about Gravity Falls. She replied she not only watches the movie, but reads the comics AND THEN watched the movie. I just rolled my eyes as i walked to the pantry to make tea while she waited outside, peered at the window and blabbed about her love for men in femininely fabulous clothing. She mustve seen the guy with the dress outside.

As i returned to the room with the tea, Mabel received it and suddenly poked my stomach in return. I asked her what the hell was that for and she blankly replied 'cuz I ate toothpaste ' to which i replied just because she ate toothpaste earlier doesnt mean that I ate toothpaste too. She was trying to make me barf toothpaste for some reason.


Me and my family were at a hotel lobby and from a hotel employee we found a WeChat video about some white guy puking, screaming and freaking out while his sister/friend/girlfriend freaked out even more and screamed even louder. The shots were really disturbing.

Later, I share a room with my two teenage sisters and their one friend, who took dibs on the grand-looking beds while I get to sleep on a bed-like couch in the middle of the room. It made a pretty hard bed and sleeping on it was painful, and besides, you need to crouch & curl up into a fetal position to sleep on it. Also, there were bed monitors in the hotel and they randomly and unexpectedly barge inside rooms of their guests just to check on their beds.

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