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July 10 2015



Why Markiplier is problematic:

He waves like he has no control over his arms!

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July 04 2015

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more Language Exchange with Tina, cuz she just saw a vid of Markiplier playing a game with Javanese words in it
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July 02 2015

“Hey, Mark —- think fast!”

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May 18 2015


May 17 2015

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mark: hey guys what color/type of beanie would look good on me

everyone:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

septicplier​ are you the culprit right here

May 06 2015

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In the wake of Tina getting her Markiplier x Kill La Kill fanart reblogged and liked by the people of Tumblr, turns out my fanart of the Strokes as cats got reblogged and liked by Tumblrites too, eventually surpassing the number of notes that Tina's fanart got.

April 26 2015

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Tina was so happy her Markiplier x Kill La Kill crossover fanart got skyrocketing notes (over 200 currently) on Tumblr, and quite a lot of faves on deviantART. This was a first for her.

April 20 2015

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Sunday evening, when Tina and I doodled stuff.

Eventually we made a commercial slogan out of a typo and sang yet another parody of Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together", typical us when we chat.

April 03 2015



Markiplier — He’ll get it in… just…maybe not on the first try. 

(And not always with the desired results)


Plug and Play

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March 28 2015

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Had a stupid comic idea about Tina sniffing flowers & one of the flowers turned out to be Markiplier & he doesnt like being sniffed so he bit her nose. Wtf.
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March 22 2015


February 07 2015

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