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May 11 2015


October 08 2014

September 30 2014


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October 10 2012

Magneto Jojo? Well this is interesting...
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September 30 2012

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Penguin! Erik and Penguin! Charles, because of the late night Cherik conversations :3

I actually don’t know what this is or why I attempted to draw Penguin fluff

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September 20 2012


Character analysis by Dinolaur

They've actually written some pretty good character/show/pairing analysis that sort of opened my eyes on seeing/watching them. Here are some of my responses to three of which I've read:

This. Just this. I've always watched X-Men Evolution in middle school and never missed a single episode. I never actually put a lot of thoughts on Magneto and his family and having not been reading the comics yet, I've always thought he had only Pietro & Wanda, until I got in college & started watching Wolverine And The X-Men (but too busy for assignments to watch it every week) and found out Magneto has another daughter.
For some reason Pietro hasn't always been one of my favorite characters and I kinda prefer Wanda over him, and I've always wondered why she ended up in the asylum and eventually got her memory rewritten so she could end all her anger and spend some family time with her dad & brother again. Then I forgot about the storyline (needed to watch the series again after all this time & refresh my memory).
This character analysis sort of helped me understand their situation much, from all three points of view.

This one right here got me thinking as to why Loki gains most fangirls and why people seem to prefer him over Thor, on a deeper level.
First of all, he's been living a lie all this time, it's pretty much imaginable how he feels. But the main thing that I feel from this case is confusion. Like the review says, Loki grew up acknowledging frost giants are the enemy and later finding out that he himself is originally a Jotun and all these sudden realizations come to mind, plus he's all confused which side he's supposed to be on. It seems that he wants something and he can't get the signals through these other people surrounding him and none of them understands what he exactly wants and what he did wrong that made them dislike him. I've been there.
And the envy, oh yes the envy. It got me feels all over. At one point Loki did say that he didn't want the throne; he just wants to be equal to Thor (I've felt that way to some of my friends and people whom I've met and envied, online and IRL). And yet nobody got the clue.

I've heard in the actual Norse myth, he's never depicted as a villain, just someone who is cunning & likes tricking people. WTH Marvel.

Now I'm not usually into pairings or shipping/pairing up characters from series (unless they're canon & if there are hints)
Again, this analysis opens fans' eyes to all three main points of view and how the characters must've really felt throughout the entire season. Especially Mako I guess, because people's been blaming him for being a dick or a player wanting to get with both Asami & Korra (which is disrespectful in society IRL) but he himself is actually just confused as Korra is and everything became clear towards the end of the series. Who knows what will happen to Mako & Asami's strained relationship now that him & Korra already kissed, it's all gonna be continued in season 2 perhaps.
And I kinda like the fact that Korra & Asami are cool with each other and not fighting over Mako. Let's just hope Asami doesn't turn evil in season 2... and Bolin should get a girlfriend, yo XD

August 29 2012

X-Men - close enough
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August 20 2012

Eid mubarak, selamat lebaran, minal aidin walfaidzin, mohon maaf lahir & batin. From Mix.FM and your superheroes & villains.
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July 29 2012


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February 10 2011

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