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October 12 2019


April 27 2019


Original incorrect quote by @silver-stuttering
I had to do it cuz I kept imagining Luther’s gasping face in the end

Lol Diego in the 5th panel. Maybe a bit of Ben rubbed onto him.

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…and then Luther ran into his room & proceeded to cry for hours cuz what Diego said was too much.

Yet another comic about envy cuz i’m THAT cliché, and the Umbrella Academy’s the perfect show for it cuz they’ve all got issues of inadequacy. Even Five who thinks he’s perfect 🤣

00.01 🌑 Spaceboy 🌑 Luther

Lots of people are doing the comic vs TV Umbrella Academy fanart, and I've sketched a bunch of them like a month ago, starting with Vanya though but I guess when it comes to coloring imma just have to go with the right order. Here's a sad Luther after finding out Old Man Reggie sent him to the moon for nothing & never read his letters for all of those years.
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March 27 2019

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More Luther & his whining 🐒
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March 24 2019

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