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June 16 2013




I love how Harry just genuinely likes Luna. Not in a romantic way, but in a “I don’t know how or why but I get you and you get me and I’d be honored to call you a friend and if anyone messes with you I’ll wallop them” kind of a way. I think he just marvels at her level of don’t give a fuck and her absolute sense of self. And then he and Ginny partially name their daughter after her (Lily Luna) and that to me is just fucking precious.

You have to at least ship their friendship.

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June 15 2013

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May 01 2012

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He was being serious, yo.
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May 29 2011

HP Girls by LittleGreenFrog L-R: Hermione, Ginny & Luna. 
Yeah they sorta resemble some other awesome famous girls we know ;]
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