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April 07 2014


July 14 2013


Where did you lose your boobs?

This is quite a sad story so if you are an emotional person I advice you not to read.
But it was a Saturday afternoon and me and my boobs were just popping to the supermarket with my mum to pick up some bits and pieces for the week ahead. My boobs were so excited, i don't normally let them out. They bought along some money so they could get a few of their own bits. 
When we got to the supermarket everything was fine. It wasnt until we got to checkout that things turned bad. We were in line and my boobs asked if they could go get some chicken. I was weary about letting them go but I trusted them and said 'go ahead'. They ran off excitedly.
My mum and I waited about 20 minutes for my boobs to come back and they never did. We searched the store everywhere but they were nowhere to be seen.
I reported the incident to the police immediately and they started an investigation. The search lasted about a year but was then called off. There was no longer any point in searching for my boobs.
I was heart broken, I blame myself.
If I hadn't of let them go they would still be here now.
Everyone please like this and make me situation aware to the people around me. My boobs might even see it and come home.
I love you boobs, I'm sorry I failed you.
I'm sorry but this sassmouth's answer is just pure genius. Repost everytime.
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May 18 2012


April 25 2012

For real. But still I miss these pencils
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April 21 2012


November 21 2011


September 29 2011


February 12 2011

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SCNR. ;-)
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