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October 02 2014


April 08 2014

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March 06 2014

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August 07 2013

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Finally... made the header for my Owl City fanfiction.

July 30 2013

planting some truffula trees
Letting go off my frustration of not being on a roadtrip and planting trees everywhere yet. I really wanna plant something. Also, the frustration of doing office tasks.

I seem to be enjoying this new messy coloring technique. It's kinda like pointillism but it involves more scribbling and scratching.
Sorry for the lack of animals, I should've put more barbaloots & swomee swans over there... and maybe some more walking hummingfish too cuz they can walk out of water.

The Lorax (c) Dr Seuss
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July 25 2013

SO I reached level 14 in Truffula Shuffula and these darker bits start showing up. That night I seem to be having good luck... usually none of us ever get to pass level 13... and finally ended up at level 19 with a pretty high score.

Was gonna post the score on either freebos or tweetos but no internet

May 23 2013

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Rapunzel clicks with Once-ler and Jack hangs around with the only stranger that can see him.


(via mischief-mishap)

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March 31 2013


March 30 2013




I think normally i’d draw a character looking at the viewer…..but the Once-ler is staring off into space with intensity. That’s just how he rolls.

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Some gifs and screenshots from The Lorax


Random screenshots. But look at Greedler, he’s so fab, yes! |=)8’D Is this HD? I really don’t know…


fish appreciation post because they’re so cool ok


My favorite creatures from The Lorax.



Remember the daily print activities? I was really mad I didn’t get to enjoy them before the promotion ended cuz I had a mac. But it looks like they released all the activities here~ have fun bros<3


rintaro-ren replied:


Site to buy some posters! SO many different ones too! Like I’ve not seen some of those, wow!


Tags: lorax posters

March 29 2013



why did they cut this out of the movie…………….

Play fullscreen
Warden - How Bad Can I Be?
OHMG Superjail + The Lorax crossover

March 28 2013

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oncelerstravemadness.mov (c) Schmotion
just LOL

March 20 2013

Practice doodles (c) askoncieonceler.tumblr.com
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January 23 2013

The unnamed man wanted the Green Eggs and Ham all along. But why would he just ask for them up front? There is a complicated drug ring in the Seuss world and “Green Eggs and Ham” are actually drugs. Ever wonder why Mr. Brown was mooing? Green Eggs and Ham. The Cat in the Hat was never real either. The kids simply got a hold on their mothers Green Eggs and Ham stash. And Horton, let’s just say he heard a who for a reason. Next we move on to the Grinch. Why was he so different from all the other Whos? Easy he had a Green and Ham overdose which caused him to become a cynical old man who had to steal thousands of dollars worth of presents just to get his fix. This leads me to believe that the Grinch is the unnamed man in The Green Eggs and Ham. The Lorax also represents this drug cartel of the Eggs and Ham.The Once-Lers move in take over the logging industry make these sweaters and all for what? An up front facade in which the Eggs and Ham are getting moved through the shipment of Sweaters.
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December 29 2012

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Myoo89 & me with our Say What poses

December 10 2012

Wreck-it Ralph dump
Did some WiR doodles just because.
And seriously that How Bad Can I Be line at the end of the movie reminds me of Once-Ler's song, so yeah. The 2 pictures in the 2nd row are a bit cliche though.
And of course I just had to include Fun.'s 'Some Nights' eventhough it's only a trailer soundtrack.

Wreck-it Ralph (c) Disney
The Lorax (c) Dr Seuss & Illumination Studios
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