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May 04 2015

The Signs And What They Are Most Often Doing

Aquarius: Beating up Gemini
Pisces: Beating up Gemini
Aries: Beating up Gemini
Taurus: Beating up Gemini
Gemini: Bleeding and crying violently
Cancer: Beating up Gemini
Leo: Beating up Gemini
Virgo: Beating up Gemini
Libra: Beating up Gemini
Scorpio: Beating up Gemini
Sagittarius: Beating up Gemini
Capricorn: Beating up Gemini


Me as a judge

Me: what's they sign
Lawyer: your honor what do you mean?
Me: 😒 wus dey sign hoe
Lawyer: ummm....libra your honor
Me: guilty
Jury: tru


August 20 2012

Poor Tony never get to finish his drink.
ahem... not a fan of the first pic but the second one was just hilarious.
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April 04 2012

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and thus a new meme is born
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March 10 2012

Handicrafts just got personal

March 01 2012

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Banyak jalan menuju Blok M
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November 25 2011

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August 03 2011

I'm not sure if that ink is permanent... but this is WTF & LOL at the same time.
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