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June 29 2015

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What is your favorite year of your life?
Probably 2010, where I've just got up from a big depressing event (which I've forgotten about now) and listening to new songs, watching new movies & got accepted by my friends again. And the subjects at school were enjoyable so I didnt mind doing homework.And I got hooked on to The Lonely Island, especially this song:
listening to their songs from Incredibad & Turtleneck and Chain every Sahur.Also there's the Bali trip, of course. Best time of the year eventhough it's only for 5 days :D

April 25 2014


July 05 2013

Bathroom Race
at least I tried making the coloring technique resemble Moosekleenex's :[ buuuut i like how the final sketchy crayon texture turn out.

Based on a real life moment from when me and Daniel were still in university. Yeah, the bathroom signs were like that, it's kinda badass.
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May 31 2013

I can't believe I actually miss this place after two years after graduation.

April 27 2012

Limkokwing Fashion Club "Mellow Yellow" show

December 29 2011

Our crazy graduates. LOL MDEE IN THE BACK

August 23 2011

June 12 2011

Life cycle of a Limkokwing student. Internet meme style.
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