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January 15 2015


October 08 2014


April 01 2014


August 21 2013

Lemonade in a bag, the next thing after milk in a bag.
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March 06 2013

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Death Buy Lemonade (c) Kyu-Bum Lee.
Loving the animation style & the mood. & being selfish has a price to pay.
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October 08 2012

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September 02 2012

OHMYGLOB WHERE DID THEY HAVE THESE? First pink lemonade, and now GREEN lemonade?!
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April 20 2012


5 Weirdest Japanse Drinks

Curry Lemonade

Eel Soda

Diet Water

Final Fantasy Potions

Mother's Milk

I dunno but I kinda wanna try the Final Fantasy potions. And the breastmilk could be for babies whose mothers can't produce enough breastmilk.
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December 12 2011

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Get hammered... and sickled! The taste worth standing in line for.
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September 23 2011

Lemonade - ToonHole
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May 10 2011

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I think it's piss...
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