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December 11 2013

On the international scene, who's going to win the Great Pretender Contest...

All those who praise Mandela's legacy but are unable to follow their speech with actions:

Europe thanks Mandela for his fight against racism, but they still discriminate against migrants, Roma and Muslim minorities... ...

Barack Obama, US president, claims he follows Madiba's footsteps. Maybe that's why America created Guantanamo in the first place: in order to create hundreds of Nelson Mandelas...

Israël praises Mandela, while maintaining an Apartheid regime and denying Palestinians' rights, against international law...

Poutine claims USSR help democratise Africa, but still continues to endorse racist crimes perpetrated by his army and services...

Maybe that's their definition of universalism: the same cowardice, the same hypocrisy, the same deceit.

Marwan Muhammad & Noredine Allam
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December 10 2011

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September 19 2011


Drunk-O-Vision LEGACY

Things look a little different when you’re drunk…

Sober ::: Drunk

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March 18 2011

Hell yeah... TRON BIKE!
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