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December 10 2013

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have layer

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September 30 2013



Catastrophic Disasters Recreated as Layered Sculptures

sraeli artist Eyal Gever explores catastrophic events through his art. In his pieces known simply as Nuclear Bomb and Large Scale Smoke, he fabricates the fiery mushroom cloud that forms from an atomic explosion and the suffocating carbon and debris that billows from a volcanic eruption, respectively. Gever explains his fascination with disaster by saying, “My work captures and freezes catastrophic situations as cathartic experiences.”

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you are awesome!
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March 14 2013


January 25 2013


How do I Photoshop?


everyone keeps asking me to do a tutorial

like literally guys this is how i explain photoshop:

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March 18 2011

When this happens, one must flip tables everywhere
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