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February 05 2014

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Jake Jr actually looks like she has eyes in here
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December 11 2013


Jake is the best boyfriend

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March 01 2013


November 08 2012

Aww….. I wish I could stop being that “forever alone” kinda’ person!
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August 22 2012



Someone commissioned me to draw Jake and Lady Rainicorn in the same style I did Cake and Lord Monochromicorn! :D It was a pleasure, thank you~

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In which Lady Rainicorn, Jake, Finn & Flame Princess go on a double date. :3

This is a cropped version to make it fit on tumblr better..

FFFFFFFFFF so cute omg

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more precious babies  (◕‿◕✿)
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Finn the Knight, and his trusty steed and handy potion carrier, Jake.

Princess Bubblegum, the alchemist, able to create concoctions and use neat cards with fancy circles for alchemy. Lady Rainicorn…she’s just magical.

(via melon-mini)

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I have made an Adventure Time break through! 

In the last episode, we found out that *dun dun dun* Lady is pregnant

But remember Jake’s 15 tier plan? 

“And here she lets you touch her horn for the very first time”

hmm. Lady has a horn….

“And here she let’s you discover all 15 feet of her beautiful stomach” 

I don’t know how long Lady is, but I can only assume there’s at least 15.

Really Jake?

Why didn’t you stay away from tier 15? Hmmmm.

good job Jake. 

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