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October 26 2014


August 10 2013


impersonate kyary

wears weird ass clothes
weird ass hair
weird ass face
sings about weird ass shit
but i love her with all my heart even since her kera model days
Ok, that answer is so true... cept for the last part. The whole list is true XDDD

June 18 2013

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Pon pon wei wei wei go the fuck awei wei wei
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May 08 2013



Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Zipper June 2013

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January 21 2013


January 20 2013


Kyary drunk as f*ck in her birthday music video

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I love it c:

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Music video [X]
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January 17 2013

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hifumim - ふりそでーしょん踊ってみた

This adorable little girl is back with another dance cover! Enjoy :)

OMG THIS KID RIGHT HERE. I wonder if she's gonna end up in the Ellen show and she could bring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & scare the living nbajillingers out of her XD She could be like the new Sophia Grace and Rosie. Srsly.

btw it's a cover of this song

November 06 2012

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How countries view each other...
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September 10 2012

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Stride stripes commercial ft Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
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May 22 2012

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Can someone tell me what drink this is?

August 23 2011

August 17 2011

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