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December 23 2019


October 12 2019


October 06 2019

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Once i saw the quote by @burningladyontheceiling but they’re not there anymore. there’s still @mindlesslittlefreak‘s similar quote

My fave bit has to be Klaus’ face in the last panel

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May 18 2019

The idea was from an earlier textpost, and just in case y’all need some more comics poking fun at Diego, here ya go.

Of all the unnecessary moments Klaus had to conjure Ben, this is one of those. And Vanya’s face in the 6th panel is a big mood.

May 02 2019

Finally some Klaus x Dave doodle

HOLY HUAH. I just realized they look kinda like Captain America n Iron Man ffffff

April 27 2019


SadKlaus.jpeg 😒 
Im somehow unsatisfied with how it looks… Probs cuz he doesnt look sad enough. Maybe i shouldve kept the comical :< frown from the initial doodle.

Sigh this feels Daveless. I gotta draw Klave stuff, mang

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Tbh the joke’s not even funny. It's just an excuse for me to draw a laugh track panel so dumb it’s perfect. Everyone laughing so hard they went OOC. Mainly Five.

Headcanon that Diego bites/chews his knives when bored. And I’ve said this previously but both him & the Ice Age Diego are practically the same character.

Original incorrect quote by @silver-stuttering
I had to do it cuz I kept imagining Luther’s gasping face in the end

Lol Diego in the 5th panel. Maybe a bit of Ben rubbed onto him.

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When your brother secretly has the same kink as you & you walked in on him in your room being tied up by his own tentacles & it traumatizes you and weirdly turns you on at the same time but you can't tell your other siblings how much you wish you can unsee it cuz you're the only one who can see your dead brother.
Whew. That was a long one.

This is the closest i can get to 🅱️entacle 🅱️entai idk what was i thinking i aint doing it anymore 😣
And then Vanya goes on destroying the wolrd & blowing up everybody in sight, including her protection squad brothers 😆
Couldnt resist digitizing this doodle cuz if I havent said it enough, Vanya deserves a lot better.

Allison n Luther would be the Vanya Care Squad (but Luther wont do a good job after locking her up n stuff
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00.04 👻 The Séance 👻 Klaus

Everyone's favorite comic relief junkie bby! Iconic outfits, iconic lines, and all that trauma he went through he just sorta gives off that vibe that makes us automatically wanna hug & protect him & never let go.
And to go with Allison having purple hair they gotra let Klaus wear black lipstick too, just like in the comics.
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Klausie Maki & Benwurst.
Back when Heroes was the peak meme TV show i remember drawing the characters as sushi & sausages too, so now i guess it's TUA's turn

March 27 2019

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If you get the reference then congratulatski
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a.k.a. everyone's favorite scene with the ice-cream truck
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Pretty sure Ben didnt take Klaus' drugs but his facial expression makes y'all think otherwise
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March 24 2019

What if they included this calm your tits joke in ep4... hmm
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