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April 26 2015

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Tina was so happy her Markiplier x Kill La Kill crossover fanart got skyrocketing notes (over 200 currently) on Tumblr, and quite a lot of faves on deviantART. This was a first for her.

April 20 2015

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Sunday evening, when Tina and I doodled stuff.

Eventually we made a commercial slogan out of a typo and sang yet another parody of Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together", typical us when we chat.
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November 12 2014


September 16 2011

Tina's One Piece Dream as Juwita (23-3-2014)

[note: I was Juwita in this dream so this was what I experienced from her point of view]

I was in a room with Nami n Robin, girl talk n all. And we went out of the room, Robin went to water her small gardens, Nami went to check the weather n I was walking around and joined Robin to help her with her garden. Later I went to the kitchen helping Sanji with lunch. Luffy, Chopper n Usopp were playing at the swing set & I can see Brook at the deck playing his violin. I went to Franky's workshop cos my shoes were broken in the revious battle, so he made me a brokenproof leather boots with cool metal buckles. Franky said it's not done yet so he'll give it to me when it's done.
Zoro is working out in his gym above the deck. Its lunch time n we all have lunch together and have fun. We talk a lot and laugh a lot. Soon, lunch was over n we clean up the dishes. Some left the plates at the sink n continue work n some help clean up the table. I washed the dishes while Sanji wiped n placed them in the cabinet.
My job was done so I went to train my swords n combat. I train my sword with Brook, Brook trained me with a small fight and I swear to God, he is scary when he was training me.

We started at the deck and then we ended up chasing each other around the ship. The training was fierce, there was twisting n leaping from one pole to another. Cos Juwita can fly using the Garuda skill, I could see myself above one of the ship's flagpole, while I was looking where Brook is, i didnt realise Brook is already above me, leaping from another of the flagpole behind us. Brook swished his sword and I twisted my body to avoid his sword. Eventually the sword cut one of my feather n one strand of my bangs. I made another twist and swing my sword towards Brook, but he disappeared before my sword hit him & he suddenly appeared above me and swing his sword at me. I split my sword and blocked Brook's thrust. We ended up falling and still fighting. I notice Usopp, Chopper, Luffy, Robin n Zoro watching us train in our battle.
In the end, I ended up falling on the ground on my back, with Brook on top of me with his sword pointing on my neck with my chin up. He pulled back his sword, restrained his sword and offered me his hand to me.
"You've grown much skilled than before. Well done." he said.
I smiled, took his hand, then he pulled me up.
"Your agility is a little better now, so work on that. Alright?" he said again.
"Okay, thank you Bang Brook." (Lol I called him Abang Brook in Indo dialect)
I continued my daily training, I put aside my sword, walked up to a pole, look up where Zoro's gym is, grew my wings and flew up to the gym. Zoro heard me coming and opened the window to let me in. I went in and thanked zoro. He continued working out, carrying massive heavyweight n i went picking up dumbbells. He asked me to try some 1 ton dumbbells, so I went to lay on that heavyweight bed thingy while Zoro help me put it on my hand. Turns out I couldn't carry it all the way up till both my hands are straighten upward, so Zoro slowly pulled it up for me so I can slowly later do it on my own.

"I saw you training with Brook, your agility is a little better now. Back then your sword skills aren't that smooth, but now its a little more smoother."
"Bang Brooke said to work on my agility, he also said that my sword skill is better than before now. But i still need to work on that"
"So you need to make sure you're not in a rush. Make sure u have everything in your mind."
"Kay, got it."
We trained for a little more, he did push-ups and asked me to sit on him while carrying a few tons of dumbbell rings. I think he made like 40 push-ups cos he asked me to count, i could hear his voice, trying to say something... and then Sanji suddenly came in. Sanji was shocked that i sat on top of Zoro and got jealous cos no girls ever did that kind of stuff with him. LOL.
As usual, Sanji started an argument with Zoro and I tried to stop them. I told Sanji that it was just training, so there's nothing weird going on anyways. Sanji was still angry at Zoro and then happily talked to me. LOL. Sanji wanted me to join the tea time with Nami n Robin but I rejected his offer n said that I wanted to train more. Sanji sighed "well okay then, I'll save you guys some snacks once you guys are done training"
"Thank you bang Sanji~ <3"
And then Sanji melted, steam coming out of his nose n his eyes turns to hearts and said "it was my pleasure~ <3"
And he danced, skipping his way to the kitchen. LOL.
Zoro was annoyed by Sanji n called me in to continue training. He continued the push ups and while I was counting to 50, i could hear his voice again.
"Hey, if u.. would like... I mean.. when you're free and all... you wanna hangout more?"
I notices he's been planning this so i blushingly said "sure... Why not?"
"Great, umm... so, tonight after dinner?"
"Yeah sure.. I'm free after dinner."
"Okay.. that sounds great... So where was I?"
"80 pushups now"
"U wanna try planking?"
"Yeah sure, lets both do planking."
And so both Zoro and I planked, and we set the timer(?) For 1 minute.
I can feel the strain though...
I got exhausted, Zoro said thats it for today so we both just sat n cool down. But Zoro still wanna do more training so he wanted to do sit ups, i offered to help holding down his feet.
Okay so i know this is some Korean drama shit but it did happen. Everytime he sat up, his face gets really close to my face. I look away, blushing, but he keeps looking at me everytime he sits up.
Zoro sudenly stopped, his right hand reached my face while his left hand held my right hand. He pull my face in slowly and WE KISSED!!!!!!!

The kiss was long... He slowly pulled me in, making me slide in till my body touched his.
We stop, looking at each other's eyes, i was clearly shocked, Zoro started to blush, we both hug to cover our blushing face. Zoro apologised over n over, saying that he couldnt control himself. I said "its okay, me either."
We both look each other again, and still blushing... Then slowly kissing. He laid on his back while I lay on top of him, front to front.
He pulled me in slowly, forcing me to slide into him. Tiba2 ja rubggu

We kissed passionately, and I felt his arm holding my back n slowly one of his hand slide up to my head n the other slide down on my spine. My fingers slide trough his hair, my right hand slowly hold at d back of his head n my left hand on his neck.
Glibglobbit!!!! The kiss was long okay! Because I'm smaller than him n his arms and hands are huge n long, i could feel one of his hand wrapping around me, sliding down n almost touching my vajayjay! His other arm slid under my shirt on my back. I flinched a little and he kept pulling me in n kept on kissing. His hand that almost touched my vajayjay slowly slide up n grab my butt.
He sat up, still kissing me passionately, we stopped kissing, we look at each other, his arm wrap around me, hugging me tightly n let out a sigh of relief. My head rest on his chest n his head rest on my left shoulder. We're both still blushing, he started to talk.
"Well that was weird"
And i giggled, then started to laugh.

I mean come on! All those kissing n grabbing n the first thing he said that it was weird?! Who wouldn't laugh?!

We continued hugging, and i can feel my self slowly sleeping in his arm, cos it was warm. But suddenly we felt a shake! The gym tilted n we slowly slide to the side of the gym. It tilted again, and we slowly slide but it tilted way far up that we both fell through the window. Me n Zoro are still holding each other, I grew my Garuda wings and held onto Zoro's arm. I could see some of the Strawhat crew holding on to anything on the ship. Luffy's head held on to the pole using his teeth and his arm stretched out, holding to Chopper, I guess Chopper nearly fell into d sea until Luffy grabbed him. Nami nearly fell as well but Robin used her Cien Fleur to make a net, it caught Nami, n then Brook, n then Usopp. Franky is holding on to the wheel, trying to make the ship float upright. But something is still attacking us.

The ship floated upright again so i put down Zoro and we both grabbed our swords. Brook is armed as well with his sword. Soon everyone is armed with their own weapons, and obviously Usopp is shaking in his boots but still making a brave face.
I couldnt make what our enemy looks like but i think it looks like Ryuuko Matoi from Kill La Kill when she became evil for those 2 episodes. (22-23)
Satsuki Kiryuuin stood on Nonon Jakuzure and flew to us. The Strawhat never knew who they are but i immediately knew her.
"Juwita, we have trouble! It seems that damn mother of mine, Ragyou Kiryuuin, has gained control over my younger sister." explained Satsuki.
"Why is she wearing Junketsu?!"
"Ragyou is trying to take over Ryuuko's mind and use her power to destroy the Nudist Beach. She want us dead, Juwita!"
And we sudenly saw Mako Mankanshoku running toward Ryuuko, Mako was wearing Senketsu. And Mako was running above water. I turn to Garuda, Luffy wanted to help so he jump on my back. Because we're in the middle of the sea, theres not much that we can do but attack from the distance. I flew above trying to think what I'm gonna do. I suddenly felt scared, i don't know why, but then i know... Nui Harime is above me, she swing her scissor sword , i dodge it without letting it touch Luffy. I told Luffy to hold on to my wings, i closed my wings in and started to spin like a torpedo, towards where Ryuuko s standing. We both landed, but im still scared cos the oponent is Nui. I told Luffy to never get close to her, so Luffy went off to try help Mako n Satsuki. And so I'm facing Nui, on my own.
Then, i saw Brook dashing on water towards me & Nui, Brook leapt from the water, almost sinking, and landed behind Nui.
"Im here to give you a hand."
"Becareful bang Brooke, she's dangerous."
And then Nui started to speak
"Your friendship is so gross, it makes me wanna hurl."
She started to attack me first, she's extremely fast, and i got scared everytime she suddenly appear before me. Brook tried to attack her but Nui blocked him and reflect his attack. It was Brook's turn to fight her, they both are extremely strong n extremely fast. I tried to attack her from behind, but she slashed me before i could reach her. I could see my own blood bursting out of the slash she made on me. Brook was shocked and started to attack Nui angrily. Brook stabbed through her chest, but Nui is still alive, her wounds heal quickly. Seeing this, I turned into Nyi Roro Kidul and healed my wounds with snake scales, in that form, i wrap Nui and strangled her, wrapping her even more tightly, enough to make her choke n gasp for air. I broke her spine and threw her to the side. We tried to run to where Luffy is, i could see Luffy avoiding attacks from Ryuuko, with Satsuki n Mako on Luffy's side to fight against Ryuuko.

I sudenly got scared and turned away and to my fear, Nui is behind me again. I turn into Ramayana and blocked her attack, and my other 2 arms grab Brooke and pull him behind me so Nui doesn't hurt him. In my Ramayana form, i continued the fight with Nui, as well Brook on my side. We suddenly felt a gust of wind, with a blink of an eye, Zoro slash through Nui and stop in front of me
"Yo. You guys okay?"
Then Brooke dashed behind Zoro n block Nui's attack
"We're okay.. so far" said Brook
"You guys go ahead and help Luffy n those 2 girls. I'll handle this one"
"Bang Zoro, don't fight her alone, she's very deadly"
"She's right Zoro, let the three of us fight her together!"
"Is she really that dange-"
Zoro look at me n notice my wound
"What the hell happened to you? How did u get that"
"She was slashed by her, Juwita was protecting me, if it wasn't for her i would be slash to pieces."
"Im fine, Im using my snake form to heal my wound. Its not that serious now."
"Oh geez! Stop caring for each other! Its disgusting. Here let me help u guys. U can continue helping each other, when you're DEAD!"
Nui dashed towards us, because 1 person isn't enough to block her, the 3 of us tried blocking her, but suddenly, a wave came behind us, the wave was like a night sky with lots of stars n sparkles n the sea foam was yellow. Mako got swept away by the galaxy sea wave, so I grabbed her before she end up getting swept to the sea. Nui was swept away as well, but enough to make her fall into d sea. There was a bright light shine behind us, and in a glimpse i saw Ryuuko's scissor sword flew through us and stabbed Nui on d back. Ryuuko is back to her old self! She ripped Junketsu off her skin, bleeding & naked, everything was covered in blood, and a wave of her blood rise behind her. Nui released herself, and now holding 2 scissor sword
"Its a huge mistake throwing me with both your scissor sword, now i have them. And now its time to die"
Luffy stretch his arm, wrapping the 3 of us n pull us out of the way.
Senketsu flew to Ryuuko, and finally Ryuuko s wearing Senketsu again. Ryuuko fought Nui
"Since you like to protect your friends so much, i wonder how you'll feel if your beloved friends attack you instead?"
Nui threw out red threads through us, each thread piercing through our skins and brains. Ryuuko cut the threads before it control us
"Too bad, it was just a distraction"
Nui took out a huge needle n stab through Ryuuko's neck from d back.
"Its the end of you now"
Ryuuko disappeared before Nui n appear behind Nui.
"For you i guess"
There was a quick red slash, and a long pause. Suddenly both Nui's arm were cut off, blood gushing out of her and Nui panicked.
"You bitch! Do u have any idea how much my arm cost?! Im the Grand Coutouerer!"
"Thts why i cut them off." said Ryuuko.
"Just kidding, i cn regenerate both my arms in seconds." jeered Nui.
But both her arms stopped moving. Nui was panicking even more and Ryuuko stomped all over her dead arms.
Because Ryuuko's sword scissor prevented Nui's body to regenerate n heal before re-attaching them.
Nui panicked even more n went on cursing us, suddenly something flew by and grab her away before Ryuuko could kill her off for good.
We all watch them leave, and all of us including the Kill La Kill cast went back to the ship and talk bout what just happen. Satsuki explain everything tht Ragyou wanted to turn humanity into monsters n taking over the world. Satsuki n Ryuuko were never good to each other cos they never knew they were actually sisters, but once they knew, thus they made up and never again as enemies but as sisters.
And then Sanji clapped his hand one time
"Well, now that we made up, let's all have a heart feast together eh?"
We had a feast together and have fun and I could hear the kitchen door knocking behind me so i turned and open the door and woke up.

Continuation 5th April 2014

Idk hw it begins cos its all a blur. But all i remember tht Juwita was fighting n loosing to Nui Harime. She was pushed down hard by Nui n Juwita sudenly gt stuck.
"Too bad that i have to end ur life here. Oh but did u remember the last time we fought? And i pierce through u so hard tht i thought u died? And here u are, alive... And again... Killed by me. That was 5 years ago though."

Nui jumped back, deflecting Juwita's sword.

"If im nt mistaken, it was 10 years ago that u set off to a journey to kill us."

Nui jump to Juwita, stab through her abdomen, and push her down to the ground.. making her stuck and uncapable to move. Totally chained down. Juwita struggle to escape, Nui break the ground around Juwita and she sank slowly, turns out they're fighting in a pit of smthng really brown, bubbly and hot... Idk what tht is but the firts thing i thought of was hot chocolate pudding or fudge or goo... Meh

As Juwita slowly sink, she struggle to escape and bleeding badly at d same time. Nui stand before her, smiling.

"Oh well, I'll be going now. Farewell Juwita, till we meet again.. or never." She skip happily and laughing.

As Juwita sank almost to her neck, she scream angrily.


Juwita's face slowly sink, she scream for the last time.


there was total silent.. bubbles rising from where she sank.

Footstep closing in... U cn see someone's feet coming towards where juwita sank. A familiar straw sandal appear.

It's Luffy. He raises both his arm behind him, cos he's elastic, his arm stretched way up high behind him. His hand flick back, piercing into the hot bubbly brown goo. Luffy's face show tht it is very hot, but he holding it in the pain and sudenly, he pulled out smthng. Smthng covered in brown goo.

luffy came closer, wiping the goo of juwita's face to let her breath.

"Its gonna hurt, so bare with it"

Luffy pulled out the swords that Nui use to pierce through Juwita's abdomen.

Juwita show signs of in pain but did not scream. She gasp fr air, and collapse on d ground. Luffy carried her to Sunny Go and ask Chopper to fix her up.
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