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May 26 2015




You guys, I was just watching The Young Blood Chronicles and the video cut randomly and the window minimized - weird shit right so I’m not sure if it’s because of what I’m about to tell you or I just clicked something by accident.

So as you know Poltergeist is coming out and there’s been a post already made about the ad on Tumblr. They spread to YouTube.

The ad:

  • Black screen with blue static words saying something - I was too startled to catch it. But its for a second or so, you might have enough time to close the window.
  • That fucking clown showed up on the video and it turned and shit really creepy and stared directly at me. 
  • Then blue and black static and messed up with the girl saying some shit.

I wanted to let you all know to prevent possible anxiety attacks. I know I’m rather startled myself about it now and I want you all to stay safe. Love you all. ♥


we should have to consent to that shit omfg


This shit got me good this morning right after I got up too. It’s why I was pretty quiet before work, I was working through a panic attack >>’ Now that I think of it, I’m probably going to write in a complaint to youtube, not that they’ll do anything but it doesn’t hurt, i’m sure. 


Even in youtube? Oh no…..


When the Evil Dead remake came out, there was an ad that started with the possessed girl freaking out saying directly to the viewer

I was home alone.

I ended up sitting underneath of my computer desk crying for two hours with my cat trying to comfort me until my family came home.

Youtube needs to be more aware.


I hate this, this is awful. Like speaking specifically as someone well versed in horror, this is unfair and unpleasant and it seems to be getting more common? Be safe guys.


I’ve always said that they shouldn’t put adverts for horror films on Youtube. You don’t know who’s watching. It could be a small child, someone with epilepsy or someone who is prone to really serious panic attacks. They should take care of their users and consider that not everyone is safe if they watch these adverts. I don’t suffer from panic attacks but horror films really freak me out. They should have a slate before the advert asking for the user’s consent. They do it before videos with adult content or if there are expletives in the video, why not for horror adverts that could affect someone’s health?

June 29 2014

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September 10 2011


Some of my favourite jumpscare reactions from Mari’s Outlast playthrough :P

August 03 2011

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And you forgot ‘How can I kill Rory’

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