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September 08 2014

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March 17 2014

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July 16 2013


December 24 2012

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December 23 2012


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August 01 2012


November 17 2011


September 23 2011

Pre-sleep thought 26-2-2014

The setting was my old grade school in Yayasan, everyone gathered around as I told a story about a purple banana, the most magical-looking banana anyone has ever seen. One girl was like "do you eat it with blue honey?" another said "yeah like the purple bread?" & I was like "no not really but I tell you what, the banana is ripe when it looks pinkish purple. If its blue or still bluish around the edges, then it's not ripe. Remember, pinkish purple is ripe."

Someone else then said "I'm bored I wanna hear another story" and I began telling a different story, this time about an elephant child named Toto who found a bright red pencil. Weirdly Toto's hobby was standing on two back feet & clicking his heels, (just like how Dorothy got home in The Wizard of Oz, and weirdly Toto has the same name as the dog... 'cept he's an elephant). Toto wanted to write a story with his new pencil and so he sets off on a journey to Paper City.

On the way he met a little duck at the park pond. The duck was bored so it joined him on the quest to Paper City. At the construction site, a cockroach joined them and then there's three of them. And at the rainforest, a beautiful salamander joined them (briefly making the cockroach envious cuz it's like "that salamander's more beautiful than me!" to which Toto replied "thats alright, the salamander's prettier than all of us!").
The band of four then journeyed until they finally arrived at Paper City, where all the buildings and pavements are made of paper... and the sky was paper-textured. They were walking on a cardboard brick road.

September 10 2011

Pikachu's journey through the generations
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