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August 26 2014


March 17 2014


February 06 2013


A valent attempt at a joke… a co-valent attempt.
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November 21 2012

Stick'em up WIN
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November 05 2012

My apartment complex doesn’t have recycling. So every week I have to sneak my bag of recycling into my neighbor’s blue bin. The amount of stress I experience over the possibility of getting caught is astounding. But when I get away with it (and I always do), I feel like James Bond. So to answer your question, yeah I consider myself a very adventurous person.
Ron Babcock
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October 06 2012

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The original Bitch Please meme. And it isn't Yao Ming
(via 9GAG)
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May 26 2012

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009: Priorities
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July 31 2011

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